EARPRO Youtuber Vlog "正妹掏耳驚見超巨「屎」! 疏通超髒耳道網:光看就爽"
EARPRO Youtuber Vlog "正妹掏耳驚見超巨「屎」! 疏通超髒耳道網:光看就爽"

继台湾东森新闻频道转发MCM卖车妹的VLOG后又另一家台湾媒体达人秀 Taiwan Talent Show也要求转播授权。

现在一起来欣赏这个红到台湾去的VLOG吧!''正妹掏耳驚見超巨「屎」! 疏通超髒耳道網:光看就爽''

After Taiwan’s EDC News Channel reposted the VLOG of MCM’s automotive, another Taiwanese media the Taiwan Talent Show, also requested permission to broadcast.

Now let's enjoy this VLOG that is popular in Taiwan! ''The girl was shocked to see the super giant ''earwax''! 

Published : 7-Oct-2020

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