Terms & Conditions
1)   顾客如有怀孕及任何疾病如耳疾,心脏病,感冒,皮肤与药物敏感,血压异常,癫痫症及等等疾病或正在进行任何药物治疗期间均不适合。请通知本公司员工及避免进行任何项目否则后果自负,本公司恕不负责。
5)我同意Earpro Sdn Bhd 对于任何伤害一概不负责,在法律允许的最大范围内,包括不仅限于人身,身体或精神伤害,经济损失或因疏忽,其他行为,或 Earpro Sdn Bhd 任何代表人对我所造成的损害,或使用Earpro Sdn Bhd服务的任何人。

在签署此表格即表示我同意上述条款,并免除 Earpro Sdn Bhd 及其员工的任何责任。
1) If the customer is pregnant and has any diseases such as ear disease, heart disease, flu, sensitive skin , allergic to any medication, abnormal blood pressure, epilepsy, etc. or on any medicine, You are not suitable for any treatment. Please inform Our staff and avoid carrying out of any treatment. Our company is not responsible for any incidents caused and all consequences are at your own risk.
2) If you feel any uncomfortable during any treatment process, you should request to stop immediately . Our company will not responsible for any accidents causes.
3) Kids under the age of 13 must have a parent or legal guardian present to provide a signature for authorization of this session. 
4) Please take care of your belongings. Our company is not responsible for any losses.
5) I agree Earpro Sdn Bhd will not be liable for any injury, including, without limitation, personal, bodily or mental injury, economic loss or damage to me resulting from negligence, other acts in Earpro Sdn Bhd, anyone acting on Earpro Sdn Bhd’s behalf, or anyone using the services of Earpro Sdn Bhd, to the fullest extent permited by law.  
6) In case of any dispute, Our company reserves the right of final interpretation and decision.

Appointment Statement
1) There is no designated ear care pricker for appointments. Please specify when making appointments.
2) Must arrive on time before the appointment time. If the appointment time is cancelled or changed shall be notified to Our Company at least 3 hours in advance, otherwise Our company has the right to cancel the appointment respectively.
3) In case of any dispute, Our company reserves the right of final interpretation and decision.
By signing this form, I agree to the above terms and release Earpro Sdn Bhd and its employees from any liability.

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